Saturday, 27 October 2012


Three more tunes you probably haven't heard
Monk : MINI MANSIONS : from the album Mini Mansions
Mini Mansions is the side-project of Michael Shuman, better known as bassist with Queens of the Stone Age.  Mixing a modern psychedelic sound with tunes reminiscent of pop's heyday, the album will appeal to fans of post-Revolver Beatles or Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys
Yes Or No : THE FRESH AND ONLYS : from the album Long Slow Dance
Garage rock from San Francisco, but a band not afraid to explore the roots of other genre's of music, from psychedlic blues to country & western.  This particular song just rocks!
Apocalypse Dreams : TAME IMPALA : from the album Lonerism
 Those that know me are probably fed up with me beating the drum for Australian music, but it remains true that the best new music around is coming from down under.  Tame Impala hail from Perth and will take you on a psychedelic journey that is second to none. On this, their second album, the psychedelia is tinged with a nod towards early-70s prog rock.  Cannot recommend this album highly enough.

Saturday, 13 October 2012


Dance The Way I Feel : GOSSLING

Sorry folks, but this does not seem to be available to download everywhere. Gossling is another Australian ... from Melbourne, in fact. I've included it because i love a cover version, especially when the original is, as in this case, pretty obscure itself. Written and performed originally by Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Helen Croome (aka Gossling) put her own unique slant on it

Don't Build A Wall 'Round The Graveyard (Ain't No One Trying To Get In) : MARIA IN THE SHOWER : From the album The Hidden Sayings Of Maria In The Shower

A four piece folk cabaret all of their own, this lot from Vancouver take you to a place where all music comes to play. Swing, samba, ballads, rockabilly, blues, gypsy soul and more...

A heady mix indeed, and an extremely enjoyable one!

 Ex-Believer : COMPUTER MAGIC : from the compilation album Kitsune Maison Compilation 12

Computer Magic is, as one often finds, not a band but a person. In this case, an amazingly talented person. Her name is Danielle (but she prefers to be called Danz). She's 21. She lives in New York. She records in her bedroom. She has a knack for an amazing tune and writing classy pop songs.  She has an EP out called Orion (very highly recommended) but sadly this track is not on it.  The compilation is well worth buying, though ... some excellent tracks on it


Thursday, 4 October 2012


Sunny Day : THE BLOODPOETS : From the EP Wings

More evidence that the healthiest indie scene at present is way down there in Australia. From Brisbane, this lot mix catchy pop hooks with some very dark beats.

We Work In Bars : THE CHAP : Can be downloaded from here

One of those records that makes me break out into a smile every time I hear it and guaranteed to have you singing along to it in double-quick time. Described as an "experimental electro-rock outfit", I'd say they are just purveyors of quality pop music

What You Wish For (Doesn't Always Come True) : JANE'S PARTY : From the EP Jane's Party EP

Four very cool dudes from Toronto makes great pop music and know how to grab your attention at the start of a song. Great three-part harmonies as well.  You'll know what I mean when you listen to this