Monday, 30 January 2012


Lifeline (from the album The Rainwater LP - 2010) : CITIZEN COPE
Citizen Cope is Clarence Greenwood, a veteran of several albums all of which have been totally ignored in the UK. Vocals are the dominant factor here, with acoustic guitar and very simple percussion to accompany - but what vocals! He sounds like a grizzled old blues performer in his 70s, but he ain't. This song is fantastic and the album is highly recommended

Lovesick (from the album Real Life Is No Cool - 2010) : LINDSTROM &CHRISTABELLE

Hans-Peter Lindstrøm used to play keyboards in a Deep Purple cover band (WARNING: This track sounds nothing like Deep Purple!). Christabelle Silje Isabelle Birgitta Sandoo does not actually record with him. He sends her the music, and she records the vocals. She makes the lyrics up as she sings!

This should make for a totally chaotic album, but in fact produces a modern dance album of quality and distinction

Never Follow Suit (from the album Clinging To A Scheme - 2010) : THE RADIO DEPT.

More great music from Sweden. The band are heavily influenced by the type of dream pop for which bands like Saint Etienne have become synonymous. Catchy songs played through hazy electronica. Ideal music for a chilled-out Sunday afternoon in summer

Issue 5

Them And Me (from the album The Alternative To Love - 2005) - BRENDAN BENSON

Although known mostly for his co-writing and performing in Jack White's The Raconteurs, he has been a solo artist of note for some time. In fact, I would go so far as to say he is one of the great singer-songwriters. It is no accident that his songs are actually the best in The Raconteurs' songbook

Twice As Nice (from the album Pomplamoose Videosongs - 2009) - POMPLAMOOSE

French for Grapefruit, this due are actually American. both play loads of instruments and have a deliciously summery, jazzy, poppy, feel. Really good album

The Handing Down (from the album Josephine - 2009) - MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO.

Delightfully downbeat album, which is actually much more of an upbeat album when you listen to the lyrics. Great vocalist and a band that has a real classic rock feel. Fans of Neil Young will enjoy this, I think

Saturday, 28 January 2012

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Two Of A Kind (from the album Dimensions - 2009) - THE LOVETONES

You just know that, with a name like The Lovetones, the music is going to be 60s-influenced and ... well ... just great. This band does not let you down. Their music has been described as the fusion between psychedelia and pop precision, and I cannot better that. More tracks from this band in the future

Turn The Key (from the album Shore Leave - 2009) - THE BAND ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER
On listening to this, you would never guess that these Brit-pop afficianados are actually all German. Great album, loads of fantastic tunes and a brilliant brass section

Stay Friendly (from the album Please And Thank You - 2009) - THE BROKEN FAMILY BAND

Again, this band is no more which is a great shame because their four album back catalogue is an absolute joy. From Cambridge, UK but with hearts in Austin, Texas, their songs are all very English but with a real mid-west influence

Friday, 27 January 2012

Edition 3

Cherry (from the album Cherry - 2005) - LISA SHAW

A fantastic soul album that ranges from quiet storm to full-on funk grooves. She is better known as a session singer, but her two solo albums are great

The Good News (from the album Hope Is For The Hopeless - 2010) - PHILADELPHIA GRAND JURY

Despite their name, this now-defunct band are from Australia. Australians are pretty good at indie rock, and this album is no exception. This is a great pop tune and proves you don't have to be 18 to sing bright, catchy songs

1,000 Crazy Nights (from the album Expressions - 2010) - MUSIC GO MUSIC

Swedish power-pop band, with echoes of Blondie, ELO and even Abba, and great fun. A track, and an album, guaranteed to put a smile on your face

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Volume 2

White Bird (from the album It’s A Beautiful Day - 1967) - IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY

Classic, long-forgotten, hippy-period West Coast band. The lyrics are everything you would expect from that era (and are all the better for it), and the music holds up well today. Really good video for this, as well

100MPH (In Second Gear) (from the album Lights Out Zoltar! - 2009) - GEMMA RAY

 By rights, Gemma Ray should be a household name. When stood next to her, Amy Winehouse is revealed to be, if not a charlatan, certainly pedestrian. This album is a rare treat indeed. Her mix of blues, country and Americana is sung with her distinctive Essex accent.

Careful What You Wish For (from the album We Fell To Earth - 2009) - WE FELL TO EARTH

A much better band than the much-lauded, The XX, this band is known more in America for composing the theme to the series "The Killing". Sparse, electronic, backdrop behind haunting vocals, they are an excellent live band as well.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Volume 1

The Weight (from the album Beggars - 2009) – THRICE

Californian rock band who’ve been around since the late 90s. Starts pretty quietly but
builds into a great guitar track

2. The Sun's Gonna Shine In The Morning (from the album Late Music - 2009) - DENNIS DIKEN with BELL SOUND

Dennis is the drummer with American indie band The Smithereens but here writes all the songs and sings them. Very summery sound and very Beatles-influenced. Bell Sound are, in fact, a collection of musicians from a number of other US bands, such as The Wondermints

3. What's Wrong With You (from the album Garden Cities of To-Morrow - 2006) - LULLABY JACKSON

Canadian singer known primarily for her jazz work but, on this album, she gives us everything from 60s pop to jazzy crooning and pulls it all off seamlessly. Great vocalist