Thursday, 26 January 2012

Volume 2

White Bird (from the album It’s A Beautiful Day - 1967) - IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY

Classic, long-forgotten, hippy-period West Coast band. The lyrics are everything you would expect from that era (and are all the better for it), and the music holds up well today. Really good video for this, as well

100MPH (In Second Gear) (from the album Lights Out Zoltar! - 2009) - GEMMA RAY

 By rights, Gemma Ray should be a household name. When stood next to her, Amy Winehouse is revealed to be, if not a charlatan, certainly pedestrian. This album is a rare treat indeed. Her mix of blues, country and Americana is sung with her distinctive Essex accent.

Careful What You Wish For (from the album We Fell To Earth - 2009) - WE FELL TO EARTH

A much better band than the much-lauded, The XX, this band is known more in America for composing the theme to the series "The Killing". Sparse, electronic, backdrop behind haunting vocals, they are an excellent live band as well.

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