Monday, 30 January 2012


Lifeline (from the album The Rainwater LP - 2010) : CITIZEN COPE
Citizen Cope is Clarence Greenwood, a veteran of several albums all of which have been totally ignored in the UK. Vocals are the dominant factor here, with acoustic guitar and very simple percussion to accompany - but what vocals! He sounds like a grizzled old blues performer in his 70s, but he ain't. This song is fantastic and the album is highly recommended

Lovesick (from the album Real Life Is No Cool - 2010) : LINDSTROM &CHRISTABELLE

Hans-Peter Lindstrøm used to play keyboards in a Deep Purple cover band (WARNING: This track sounds nothing like Deep Purple!). Christabelle Silje Isabelle Birgitta Sandoo does not actually record with him. He sends her the music, and she records the vocals. She makes the lyrics up as she sings!

This should make for a totally chaotic album, but in fact produces a modern dance album of quality and distinction

Never Follow Suit (from the album Clinging To A Scheme - 2010) : THE RADIO DEPT.

More great music from Sweden. The band are heavily influenced by the type of dream pop for which bands like Saint Etienne have become synonymous. Catchy songs played through hazy electronica. Ideal music for a chilled-out Sunday afternoon in summer

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