Friday, 27 January 2012

Edition 3

Cherry (from the album Cherry - 2005) - LISA SHAW

A fantastic soul album that ranges from quiet storm to full-on funk grooves. She is better known as a session singer, but her two solo albums are great

The Good News (from the album Hope Is For The Hopeless - 2010) - PHILADELPHIA GRAND JURY

Despite their name, this now-defunct band are from Australia. Australians are pretty good at indie rock, and this album is no exception. This is a great pop tune and proves you don't have to be 18 to sing bright, catchy songs

1,000 Crazy Nights (from the album Expressions - 2010) - MUSIC GO MUSIC

Swedish power-pop band, with echoes of Blondie, ELO and even Abba, and great fun. A track, and an album, guaranteed to put a smile on your face

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