Saturday, 28 January 2012

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Two Of A Kind (from the album Dimensions - 2009) - THE LOVETONES

You just know that, with a name like The Lovetones, the music is going to be 60s-influenced and ... well ... just great. This band does not let you down. Their music has been described as the fusion between psychedelia and pop precision, and I cannot better that. More tracks from this band in the future

Turn The Key (from the album Shore Leave - 2009) - THE BAND ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER
On listening to this, you would never guess that these Brit-pop afficianados are actually all German. Great album, loads of fantastic tunes and a brilliant brass section

Stay Friendly (from the album Please And Thank You - 2009) - THE BROKEN FAMILY BAND

Again, this band is no more which is a great shame because their four album back catalogue is an absolute joy. From Cambridge, UK but with hearts in Austin, Texas, their songs are all very English but with a real mid-west influence

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