Wednesday, 1 February 2012


If It's Good For Me (from the album Good Morning Mother - 2010) : STARS & SONS

Aptly described in one review as "Forty minutes of bubblegum brilliance", you know you are not in for an album of progressive post-rock. No, you are in for an album's worth of very catchy piano pop. Most definitely worth a listen

Sister Sunshine (from the album One Ride - 2008) : PETER MOORE

Never heard of Peter Moore? If you've ever played Guitar Hero or Rock Band, then you most definitely have. He was also lead singer with The Blue Man Group. This is classic pop music, and brings XTC very much to mind

Miss Downtown Sugar Girl (from the album Groovalicious - 2003) : CHRIS STANDING

Afficianados of the genre known as Smooth Jazz will be familiar with Chris Standring, but on this album he explores his soul and funk roots and his love of bands like Cameo, Average White Band and Earth Wind & Fire. Deliciously funky without ever straying away from the jazz groove

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