Thursday, 9 February 2012


Easiest Game (from the album Born On Blue Fog – 2008) : ANDRE ETHIER

French-Canadian balladeer whose musical style is a kind of late-night blues but often with a full orchestral backing and some great sax work. Nothing like the band he used to front, The Deadly Snakes, who were a full-on garage-punk band

Devil And Muse (from the album Begin At The Beginning – 2009) : OUR FAMILY NAME
Oh dear, I do seem to have started this collection with bands that are obscure even by my standards. The band is a trio of youngsters from, I believe, Florida. Giving their influences as Coldplay and Radiohead, their songs have more emotional depth than the former and are more accessible than the latter.  Really difficult album to track down

Night Animal (from the single Night Animal – 2010) : BURNING HEARTS

Taken from their single of last year, we are still waiting for a new album from this duo, who hail from Finland. There is a new EP out, Into the Wilderness, which you can find here.  Great melodies, understated vocals, and a dreamy pop sound not unlike early Belle & Sebastian

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