Saturday, 25 February 2012


Emily – GOLDSPOT (from the album And The Elephant Is Dancing– 2009)
On first listen, Goldspot sounds like a myriad of other West Coast sunshine pop bands but there is a nagging sound in the background. Then you get it – the sound as influences from the East. We’re not taking New York, here, but way east – India, in fact. This may be because Goldspot is actually Siddharta Khosla, and Siddharta loves nothing better than to mix The Beach Boys with Bollywood. Great pop music!

Honey – THE HUSH SOUND (from the album Goodbye Blues – 2008)

We’re staying on a pop tip with this track. Hailing from Illinois, and with a brilliant vocalist in Greta Salpeter, this is another band guaranteed to brighten up the most miserable of days. Greta is a classically-trained pianist, and it shows throughout the album

No Nations – JETS OVERHEAD (from the album No Nations –2009)

Here’s a Canadian band that know their Radiohead songbook backwards and forwards, and have added a little psychedelia into the mix. This is no bad thing. The vocals are just that little bit back in the mix, leaving the actual music at the forefront. Chiming guitars and a great rhythm section. A very underrated group

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