Saturday, 4 February 2012

Legs 11

Take Care – (from the album Alt-Ctrl-Sleep –2008) : ALT-CTRL-SLEEP
Now we’re in North Carolina for this husband & wife duo. Very much in the “dream pop” camp (we call in “shoegazing” over here in the UK), this is a lush, highly polished, album full of great tunes and great harmonies

The Mystery Zone – (from the album Transference – 2010) : SPOON
Austin, Texas, is the home of, in my humble opinion, America’s most underrated band. This is their seventh album and shows that they are a band with more than three good albums in them (I have a theory that three decent albums is usually the norm for any band – see Coldplay, etc). Classic, guitar-based, indie music. Great hooks, great lyrics, great band. Try them – I think you’ll like them

Hunchback of Torriano – (from the album The Liberty of Norton Folgate – 2009) : MADNESS
Back to Blighty for this obscure little band ... pardon ... you’ve heard of Madness?

Of course you have heard of Madness. A great British tradition and a band loved by most. However, the purpose of this blog is to introduce you to music that may have passed you by, and this album may well have done. Without doubt the best album of their career (and the 10 minute long title track is the best thing they've ever done), its still the band we know and love, but an older, wiser, more musically-mature band. Brilliant stuff!

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