Saturday, 11 February 2012


Monolith (from the album Continent – 2009) : CFCF
What a surprise! CFCF is, in reality, Michael Silver from Montreal. Quality dance music as influenced by 80s bands such as The Human League and Heaven 17 as it is by more recent bands such as Deadmau5. The album has a great groove running through it.

Another Day In The Life Of Mr Jones (from the album Tales From Beyond The Groove – 2009) : THE LIMP TWINS
One of the “twins” is actually Will Holland from Quantic and The Quantic Soul Orchestra. Fans of those acts will know what to expect. A chilled-out groove, every song a joy, but with lyrics more likely to be found on an album by Madness. The lyrics to this song are particularly amusing.

The Brightest Beyond (from the album Oh For The Getting And Not Letting Go – 2009) : ALL SMILES

Guess what? All Smiles are Jim Fairchild (guitarist with the late, lamented, Grandaddy) and ... er ... that’s it!
Eschewing the sometimes-complicated song structures of his previous band, he has recorded an album (his second) overflowing with pop songs. The album is also notable for its silky-smooth production. Music that gives you a warm glow inside. This starts loud but stick with it - great song!

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