Friday, 17 February 2012


Visiting Day (from the album Dirty Side Down – 2010) : WIDESPREAD PANIC
Even I miss out on bands sometimes! Discovered this lot last year but this is their 11th album and they are neighbours in Athens, GA with the no-longer-with-us REM. Their fans say this is one of their best efforts. A rock / blues / jazz influenced band and an album brimming with great songs from start to finish

The Dead Dog (from the album American Ghetto – 2010) : PORTUGAL, THE MAN
Another band that had previously passed me by. Originally from Alaska, but now based in Portland OR, this is their sixth album and their seventh has just been released. Bluesy guitars and a funky bass over electronic beats is the bands stock in trade. What I loved about this album was its brevity – 11 songs clocking in at under 40 minutes. Now that’s what I call an album!

Threads (from the album Threads – 2010) : TEMPOSHARK
Temposhark is, of course, not a band but a lad from Brighton called Robert Diament. Reminds me a lot of early Pet Shop Boys – great dance songs and brilliant pop songs. Again, not a duff track on this album

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