Friday, 3 February 2012


Standing In Chicago – (from the album Go West – 2009) : ADAM MARSLAND

Another New Yorker, and a long-time session musician with The Beach Boys, he branched out on his own to create this fantastic double CD covering a range of genres. Has often been compared, by his fans, to Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album, it covers a period of his life where he left the security of a huge band, tragically lost his brother, and had most of his recording equipment stolen in a burglary. Out of all that adversity has come triumph

Heartbeat – (from the album Anniemal – 2005) : ANNIE
Annie Lilia Berge Strand, to give her her full name, is a bit of a Norwegian pop legend. She records sparingly, but her albums are always classic pop music but done in a style that has made her a bit of a darling of the indie crowd. Much of this is to do with the air of melancholia her lyrics and voice give to the electrobeat underneath. Can you dance to sad songs? Yes, you can

Lovers Dream – (from the EP Lovers Dream and More Music for Psychotic Lovers – 2007) : ANNA TERNHEIM

Swedish artiste who might be familiar to fans of the Swedish version of Wallander. On this track she teams up with Fyfe Dangerfield of The Guillemots to produce a haunting song that really gets under your skin. This EP is a somewhat smoother sound that her earlier works, but is a great introduction to this unusual singer

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