Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lucky Thirteen

Sleepwalker – (from the album Permalight – 2010) : ROGUE WAVE

We go jetting back to the States, to Oakland, California in fact, for this next band. After three albums of varying styles of indie music, the band decided on this, their fourth, to go upbeat. Very upbeat it is too, as if the band spent all their time listening to Blur and Outkast records before making it. Very enjoyable

Trust – (from the album Feral Harmonic – 2009) : OLD CANES

And now to Kansas, for Old Canes. An offshoot of The Appleseed Cast, the musicians here wanted to explore a merger of indie and folk music, without smothering it in record studio production. A very lo-fi album, but extremely charming

Belong  (from the EP High Times - 2009) : WASHED OUT

Washed Out isn’t a band (just when did this craze for solo artists giving themselves band names start? I blame The Streets), but the work of one Ernest Greene (ah! perhaps that’s why he chose a different name?) and his laptop

Cannot give you a link to this EP, unfortunately, as this chillwave classic was contained on the above EP and the release was limited to 200 only ... oh ... and that was on cassette.  However, his excellent debut album Within Without is now available 

Great video, by the way

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