Friday, 2 March 2012


Dream Get Together – CITAY (from the album Dream Get Together – 2010)
When this track starts, you think it might be a Zeppelin acoustic track ... then you think they might be CSN&Y ... but then the great pop vibe kicks in and you realise this band take their influences where they find them, but mostly from the bin marked 1970s prog rock. Great pop hooks but with the band seemingly jamming much of the time. It’s actually very clever indeed!

Cut Every Corner – ROOFWALKERS (from the album Roofwalkers –2009)
From Washington DC, here is a band that has taken a sound and run with it. The sound? The first Dire Straits album! Moody pop from a band that appears, alas, to be in hiatus

Odessa – CARIBOU (from the album Swim – 2010)
Caribou is Daniel Snaith from Canada, who previously recorded under the name Manitoba. Dance music with a huge pop influence is Mr Snaith’s stock in trade. He does it exceptionally well and I have no hesitation in recommending all his albums

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