Saturday, 31 March 2012

DFT 23

Hayling - from the album Machine Say Yes (2002) : FC KAHUNA

Not really a band as such, but a production duo who decided to play live in 2002 and recorded this album off the back of it. Very much from the Fatboy Slim “big beat” school, this track may actually be familiar to you as it has appeared on many chill-out compilations.  These days, the “band” tend to concentrate on TV and video game work.  Great way to start this mix

I’m Always Manic (When I’m Around You) – from the album Jesus That Looks Terrible On You (2008) : A BIG YES ... and a small no

One of my favourite albums from 2008, A BIG YES ...  are from New York and play very catchy jazz ... and rock ... and ska ... well, you get the picture. Centred around vocalist Kevin Kendrick, who also plays vibraphone, the lyrics alone are enough to raise a smile and make this band special

White Wolf – from the album 2 (2010) : RETRIBUTION GOSPEL CHOIR
Don’t let the name mislead you; this band are nothing like gospel, and they ain’t no choir either! From Minnesota, this band ROCKS!  Crunching guitar onslaughts, power chords and feedback.  Taking this collection out in style

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