Friday, 9 March 2012

Volume 21

Black Duck – LITTLE MASSIVE (from the album Little Massive – 2010)

What can I tell you about this band? Nothing!  Cannot find the album reviewed anywhere, and it seems to be no longer available. This is a damn shame, because this track is indicative of a rather excellent album. File under – classic rock instrumental

Dress Don’t Fit – THE SWIMMERS (from the album People Are Soft – 2009)

Regular readers will, by now, have spotted my penchant for quality pop music played to a dance groove. I can’t help it – I’ve always liked catchy pop music and will argue that bands going back as far as Zeppelin, Sabbath and Purple actually made catchy pop music.

Mrs Claus Kimono – THE DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS (from the album The Fine Print – 2009)

One of my favourite bands perform one of the grungiest, sleaziest Christmas songs ever. “Merry Christmas Everybody” this definitely ain’t!  Another band who are neighbours of REM, coming from Athens, GA they’ve been around nearly 15 years now. They have three guitarists. This is a good thing. They make great music

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