Friday, 23 March 2012


Gimme Love – THE TROUBADOURS – 2009

Can’t give you a link to this one because, unfortunately, the album never got released. The band, who hailed from Liverpool and Wigan, split up before the release date, so the record company pulled it. A damn shame, because it is a great album. This track reveals their influences – The Stone Roses, The Las, The Coral - North West rock via California

Head For The Hills – THE MONK’S KITCHEN (from the EP The Wind May Howl – 2007)

Not sure where this lot are from, but as their influences are clearly The Las (again) and The Coral (again), the North West is a fair bet. What my mates call “jingly-jangly guitar music”. I love it

We Could Forever – BONOBO (from the album Black Sands – 2010)

After releasing two albums of generally chill-out music, this came as a real shock – cinematic sounds, huge production, great songs and live musicians.  I await the next album with high anticipation, especially as some of his contemporaries are pushing dance music into a whole new direction

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