Saturday, 28 April 2012

Volume 27

Small Cut Sensations – from the album Bright White Light (2008) : JONG PANG

We’re back in Denmark, folks, with more evidence that our Northern European friends are just as capable of producing great acts as the UK and USA. Often compared to Steve Reich, but Steve Reich in a rock band (if that makes sense). Great guitarist, great track

From – from the album Fate (2008) : DR DOG

No excuses for including another psychedelic band in this post. This is from their fifth album and the Philadelphia five-piece’s best to date (new album out early 2012). Big Beatles influence, but you can also here a lot of classic Welsh band Man in the mix.

Follow Me – from the album Love’s Been Discontinued (2009) : CHRIS CACAVAS

Originally from Tucson, Arizona but has lived in Germany for many years now. Astonishingly, this is his TENTH album and is packed with quality songs and some brilliantly controlled, jangling, guitar work. In the background, though, you’ll hear a very ... yeah, ok, .... psychedelic sounding organ playing 

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