Saturday, 22 September 2012

Stars on 45

Love It All : JOHN MORILLION : From the album Love It All

Can't tell you much about this bloke except that he was born in France and has French nationality, but grew up in Yorkshire where he used to set up recording equipment and rehearse in abandoned churches, and most of the songs on the album were written whilst travelling around the USA on Greyhound buses.  The album demonstrates influences from all three countries.

Green And Gold : THE HOT TODDIES : Available for download here

Not doing brilliantly well with this week's selection, because I don't know much about these either. They are four ladies who hail from Oakland, California and have been making albums for the last seven years.

What I can tell you about this track is that it is a neat indie-pop song sung over a dirty funk beat. It is rather neat!

Ghost : SKIP THE USE : From the album Can Be Late

We return to a French theme here with Lille-based Skip The Use. Regarded by the French as their answer to Bloc Party (why anyone would want a version of Bloc Party). The comparison is, of course, absolute nonsense. This band are far more jaunty and danceable and the album takes its influences from everything from 80s pop to 70s hair metal and all stops in between

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