Friday, 4 January 2013

Volume 52

Poison of Choice - STEVE BUG - from the album Noir
A German DJ-turned-producer who came to prominence during Ibiza's golden years, his music occupies an area between banging club music and headphone-friendly chillout minimalism. This latest album veers more towards the latter, however. Mostly instrumental, each track starts with a beat that gradually swells into a space-filling vibe.  Quite a dark album, but extremely atmospheric
The Fall - RHYE - from the EP The Fall
Fans of The XX will love this!  Not sure what you would call this particular genre of music, but indie-soul would not be an inaccurate description. This LA duo have a very lo-fi sound but not one that is sparse or, indeed, sombre.  I have had a sneak preview of the album, due for release later in 2013, and it is excellent.
Incidentally, fans of The Killing 2 will enjoy the video!
 Sweet n Sour - MVSCLES - single only, available here

Another duo, this time from Boston MA. Cat (the singer) comes from a musical theatre background; Chad is a drummer who actually studied music at college. This is one of those curiously addictive songs that sounds almost whimsical on first listen but soon becomes rather annoyingly catchy.  Their music has been described as "glo-fi" or (and I have to admit this is a new genre even to me) "based pop".  Me?  I call it a damn fine tune


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