Saturday, 12 May 2012


The Mall And The Misery – from the album Broken Bells (2010) : BROKEN BELLS

Perhaps the least obscure album I’ve highlighted in this blog so far, but one that many people still seem to have missed. Broken Bells are a combination of two of the most talented people in music today; Brian Burton (AKA Danger Mouse) – producer extraordinaire – and James Mercer – lead singer / songwriter with the ubiquitous band The Shins. And guess what? Yes, this has a distinctly psychedelic edge to it. Mercer cannot write a bad song; everything Burton touches turns to gold. No surprises, then, that this was one of 2010’s best albums  

Factory : BAND OF HORSES (from the album Infinite Arms - 2010)

From Seattle, this is from their third album. Firmly in the genre entitled “Americana”, the band flirts with both country and folk but their strongest assets are the fabulous tunes and wonderful harmonies

The MidnightBell : THE HIGH WIRE (from the album The Sleep Tape – 2010)

From London, this band is on a mission to make smoky, hazy, dreamy guitar pop cool again. They do a damn fine job. Boy/girl harmonies weave through an album of great tracks with nods to the quieter end of Black Rebel Motor Club and School of Seven Bells

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