Saturday, 26 May 2012


This Earth : AFTERLIFE (from the album Electrosensitive – 2009)

The work of Steve Miller (but not THAT Steve Miller), this is from a wonderful album of laid-back grooves and quality songs. A melting pot of soul, psychedelia, dub, jazz, Latin, disco, house and electronic, it’s never less than uplifting.

Looking At The Stars : SALLY SHAPIRO (from the album My Guilty Pleasure –2009)

Sally Shapiro is a duo, but one of the duo is called Sally Shapiro. Well, actually she isn’t, but that is the name she records under. Confused? You won’t be after listening to this. Proving once again that Sweden can always produce quality music, I cannot better the words of one review – an album of “pop nuggetry”

The Matador : CUSTOMS (from the album Enter The Characters – 2009)

I have to mention again that my favourite thing about the web is allowing exposure to bands you’d never otherwise hear about. Customs are from Belgium. No point pretending that this band wants to be anything but The Editors or Interpol, but they carry it off with a style and panache I think you will enjoy

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