Saturday, 2 June 2012

Volume 31

Money In The Bank : DAWN LANDES (from the album Sweetheart Rodeo – 2010)

From New York out of Kentucky, I make no apology for saying that Dawn is one of my favourite solo artists. Not the country album the name suggests, but country gets a look in as does many other styles.  A quality album

My Step : LITTLE DRAGON (from the album Machine Dreams – 2009)
Multiculturalism throws up some wonderful sounds – add a Japanese female vocalist to a Swedish band, add some synths and a deep love of 70s funk, and you come up with a downtempo classic full of excellent songs

On A Day Like This : BASKERY (from the album Fall Among Thieves – 2008)

The Bondesson sisters sound like they should be from Nashville when you listen to this album, but actually they hail from Gothenburg – yes, another Swedish band! Describing their sound as “banjopunk”, or “killbilly”, they are not actually a million miles from upstaging The Dixie Chicks

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