Saturday, 23 June 2012

34 - The Len Price 3 Special

No excuses for making this post a special, in that all three songs are from a band you have almost certainly never heard of.  The Len Price 3 originate from the Medway towns of England and play in a style that has become synonymous with that part of the UK.  Take the garage sound of the early 60s and add very catchy hooks. A simple formula, but these lads take it to the max and have produced three of my favourite all-time albums.  You cannot help but love them. There are, indeed, three of them. None have ever been called Len Price

Heavy Atmosphere (from the 2005 album "Chinese Burn")

With Your Love (from the 2007 album "Rentacrowd")

Mr Grey (from the 2010 album "Pictures")

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