Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Edition 56

Black Egg - SNAKE & JET'S AMAZING BULLITT BAND - from the album Stuff That Rotates

A Danish duo who draw their primary inspiration from 1960s garage rock and surf music, creating tracks with authentically seedy organ licks and rough-edged bluesy guitar. They are not straight-ahead revivalists, though, mixing in a fair amount of raw post-punk attitude and the occasional electronic embellishment to make for a skewed modern take on vintage rock & roll with an unambiguous sense of fun
Crystal Vases - THE LAST ROYALS - from the EP The Last Royals EP
Hailing from Brooklyn, NY and previously known as The Early Hours, The Last Royals are yet another duo.  I can go no better than the words of this reviewer "Crystal Vases is a chirpy paean to a failed relationship replete with jangly guitars, handclaps, self-defeat and vocalist Eric James' inherent charisma."
That does some up this song exactly!
Dancing Shoes - BRODKA - from the EP LAX
Proving once again that pure pop music crosses all boundaries, and also a bit of a first for this blog.  Mokika Brodka is Polish ... Monika Brodka won the Polish version of "Pop Idol" in 2004.  Most of her songs are sung in Polish.  This one isn't. This one is simply a glorious pop song that cannot help but cheer up your day

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