Friday, 13 July 2012

Episode 37

Bounce : BRASSTRONAUT : Album - Mean Sun [2012]

Fast becoming one of my favourite bands. Hailing from Vancouver, they are a bunch of highly-talented musicians who have learned the knack of combining technical proficiency with accessible songs. This song will not explode into your life, and nor will the album. It will, however, get increasingly under your skin with repeated listens

Definitely one of THE albums of 2012 to date

Count on Me : CUFF THE DUKE : Album - Morning Comes [2011]

We stay in Canada - Ontario, to be precise - for alt-country rockers Cuff The Duke. Plying their trade since 2002, they have built an impressive body of work based on great melodies and great harmonies. Add into the mix the catchy nature of their material, and you have one of the finest, yet largely unknown, band of their genre

Division Street : RAVEN AND CHIMES : Album - Holiday Life [2012]

We move south to New York for this band, who are best known in the States for providing several tracks for the soundtrack of the somewhat-controversial MTV series, Skins. We do not escape their northern neighbours, though, as this is a band clearly influenced by Canadian Band, The New Pornographers

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