Saturday, 7 July 2012


What Difference Does It Make : JOY ZIPPER : from the album Please, Please, Please - A Tribute To The Smiths - 2012

Just as I was beginning to despair that we might never again here from the delightful (and delightfully-named) Joy Zipper, they turn up on this rather good Smith's tribute album.  The first thing I've heard from them since their last album 7 years ago. They are married couple Tabitha Tinsdale and Vincent Cafiso and they reside in Long Island, NY. I cannot recommend them highly enough

The name?  No ... not from some weird fetish magazine but actually Tabitha's Mum's maiden name!

Bad Intentions : SHONA FOSTER : from the eponymous single - 2011

Born in Scotland, raised in Yorkshire, recording in Brighton, the profile on her website says her "songs spring from the fertile ground where truth and experience meet fantasy and drama – daydreams and imaginary soundtracks made real. What may start as the merest hint of melody is then lovingly crafted by singer and band until the piece has reached its fullest potential. The result is a heady mix of symphony hall (violins, clarinet, flute) and local junkyard (pipes, oil cans, old bicycles)"

Whereas I would describe her songs as top quality pop music. See what you think

By The Sea : SUMMER FICTION : from the album Summer Fiction - 2010

I've said it before and I'm pretty sure i'll say it again - music does not come much better than this!  From Philadelphia, I don't think I can better the quote from The Philadelphia Enquirer on reviewing this album - "Charmingly catchy heartache meets sun-kissed disenchantment. Superb"

I am pretty sure you'll be playing this over and over ... and you can download this track for free from their website

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