Saturday, 28 July 2012

Vol 39

Bloodbuzz Ohio : OH LAND

You have to hand it to the Danish ... they have a way of twisting things away from the norm to make something even more interesting.  For example, this sounds like a band but it is, in fact, one Nanna ├śland Fabricius - a female singer / songwriter based in Brooklyn. 

And she didn't write this song. It is a classic of those doyens of Americana, The National.  Not that you might recognise it as such, because her ethereal whisper replaces the baritone of the original, and there are synths. The National would never allow synths on their records

As I said, damn clever these Danish

Changing Times : IWAN RHEON : from the EP Changing Times

I am sure Iwan will need no introduction as you will all be familiar with him from his role in Welsh-language soap Pobol Y Cwm ... No?

OK .. introduction needed then ... He's Welsh ... he's an actor .... he can sing and write a cracking tune

Have a listen

After The Party : GOOD OLD WAR : from the album Come Back As Rain

Hailing from Pennsylvania, this lot take all the ingrediants of classic Americana ... country, folk and rock .... and add a pop slant to the mix. Described as "Crosby Stills & Nash for the next generation", these youngsters sound like old pros and really nail those harmonies. Great track from a great album

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