Saturday, 4 August 2012

The big 4-Oh

Happy Horses Always : ROBBERS ON HIGH STREET : From the album Hey There Golden Hair

Sometimes described as the indie scene's most versatile band, because of their ability to switch from blues to pure pop to jazz, this is from their most accomplished album to date. Very reminiscent of an earlier very versatile band ... ok, yea ... The Beatles, this album is full of sparkling, upbeat songs and not one track hits a bum note

My Barbara Closed The Door : DARK OCEAN COLORS : From the album Dark Ocean Colors

If pop groups like the Beatles, Beach Boys, Zombies, Left Banke had continued to mature and flourish past 1969, this is what pop could of / should of sounded like in 1977! It still sounded great in 2011. An album of great tunes, great production values, and a pop masterpiece with a palette consisting of dark ocean colors.

Here Be Lions : APES IN THE ORANGE GROVE : From the album We Got Time

Continuing the theme of Beatle-esque pop, this three-piece Dutch band take their name from a painting by Henri Rousseau. Not only that, but this track is named after Helen Brain's book - a memoir of child abuse. It is, however, a jaunty little number and fits nicely into this collection of classic pop songs

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