Friday, 10 August 2012

Volume 41

Here's Looking At You : PINEY GIR : From the album Geronimo!

After tackling electronica with her mid-2000s debut and the sounds of Nashville with her Country Roadshow project, Kansas-born, London-based singer/songwriter Piney Gir (pronounced as in "girl") continues to develop her chameleon-like career with her fifth studio album, Geronimo!,

This is a collection of songs seemingly inspired by the jukebox joints of the '60s. With an impressive array of guest musicians on board, including members of Brian Wilson's band and the Beatles' regular brass section, its 13 tracks certainly come equipped with the right credentials, but luckily Gir's obvious fondness for the era ensures that the material does justice to the esteemed behind-the-scenes team.

No More : THE DOVETAIL JOINTS : From the album Etched Into The Wood

Can tell you nothing about this band except that the album is excellent, and so is this track

I'm His Girl : FRIENDS : From the album Manifest!

I can here you all thinking "The genius of the man! Choosing three tracks that have a similar groove with female vocals AND two of the album titles have an exclamation mark at the end of their name" 
Unfortunately, both the track listing and the album titles are a mere fluke.
Anyway, Friends are a 5 piece band who adopt a pick'n'mix approach to New York's musical history – some girl group here, some early hip-hop there, some punk-funk round the corner. All rather jolly fun

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