Friday, 17 August 2012


Making Promises : INDIGO GIRLS : From the album Beauty Queen Sister

Not a new band by any stretch of the imagination, but so few people have heard of them. Even fewer realise they are still around - this is from their 14th album! Two women, two guitars, both sing but have very different singing styles.  This is American pop music at its finest

New Armor : ANR : From the album Stay Kids

Formerly known as Awesome New Republic, and formerly a synth-pop due, this album sees them branching out and adopting a much wider palette of influences. Starts with a simple acoustic guitar and turns into an anthem

The Lighthouse Will Lead You Out : CASHIER NO. 9 : From the album To The Death Of Fun

Is there a Belfast sound..? Van Morrison… Stiff Little Fingers… Divine Comedy… Cashier No. 9 sound nothing like any of these, but they’re as innovative and different as anything that’s come from the city. They could be from California, or Manchester, or any number of places, having been variously compared with The Byrds, Beach Boys, Stone Roses, Pavement, CSN, The Flaming Lips and many others. Yet with their rich vocal harmonies, bold guitar textures and supremely catchy melodies, they’ve created a sound that’s indeterminably none of these yet equally vibrant.

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