Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Greatest Hits 6

Default - DJANGO DJANGO (from the album Django Django)

Variously described as "psychedelic", "art-punk", and "organic electronica", I would stick my neck out and say all three descriptions are nonsense. What we have here is, to borrow a slogan from Stiff records back in the 70s, is "Pure Pop For Now People"

You can sing along to it, you can dance to it, it is ridiculously catchy. I love it!

Girls - DEEP SEA ARCADE (from the album Outlands)

I love Australian bands! The last few years has seen some of my favourite music come from down under - Tame Impala, Midnight Juggernaut, The Morning After Girls, etc ...

However, Deep Sea Arcade may be the best of the lot ... great songs, clearly influenced by 60s pop (Monkees, Beach Boys, Beatles) but with an added twist in that they are also clearly influenced by the "Madchester" sound

Cannot recommend album highly enough.

And finally ....

By The Sea - SUMMER FICTION (from the album Summer Fiction)
This is one of those great tracks that makes the hair at the back of my neck stand up whenever I hear it. Definitely one of my top ten tracks of all time, and that's some honour with 50 years of music behind it

This has everything ... great tune, lyrics, vocals and the simplest, most effective guitar solo. And its under 3 minutes. Pure Pop Perfection!

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