Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Greatest Hits Vol. 5

Me Me Me – from the album The Looking Glass (2010) : LARS AND THE HAND OF LIGHT
And this is from one of my favourite albums of 2010. They are from Denmark and take their influence from the 60s, from folk music, from rock music and produce a sound not unlike Belle & Sebastian. Jaunty, upbeat, but with a hint of melancholy

Lights – from the album In The Atmosphere (2009) : BURN THE NEGATIVES

This band comes from Carlisle and recorded this album in the famous Abbey Road studios. Described in one review as “Joy Division go disco”, that is not that far from the truth (as ridiculous as it sounds). The lead singer sounds like Ian Curtis; the band sound like early Human League

Special Baby – from the album My Groove, Your Move (2009) : LACK OF AFRO

Lack of Afro are actually just multi-instrumentalist  Adam Gibbons.  Clearly a fan of 70s jazz, funk and soul, he brings a very modern dance influence to the sound and he’s not averse to straying off into the realms of 60s psychedelia. Very good album

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