Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Variety 57

Beach House - DISASTER IN THE UNIVERSE - Available to download HERE
The band are based in Norway, but the term "cultural diversity" may have been coined for them.  As well as singing in Norwegian and the obligatory English, they also sing in French, Portuguese and the language of Mozambique
Very popular in Norway and, on the strength of this, that is not surprising
At which point, this blog elevates to its most obscure track ever. There is no link to download because ... you cannot do so. Know absolutely nothing about this band except there are three of them, the singer is female, they come from London, and this is an absolutely top song
Forget that last track being the most obscure ever .... this one has just snatched that prize. Cannot tell you one thing about this band / artist / ???
Damn fine track, though ... well, what did you expect?

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