Friday, 7 December 2012

2012 - The Best EPs

Two extended play releases stand out from the crowd this year. In musical terms, they are poles apart but they are joined here because the music they contain is uniformly brilliant and they are both from new bands who promise much for the years to come
MS MR - Candy Bar Creep Show

The mysterious MS MR hail from New York and put this EP together from tracks they had originally released as either singles or downloads. My immediate thought on hearing this was that the songs had a touch of Florence & The Machine about them, but they stay with you much longer than the possibly-overrated Ms Welch and also they are much more fun. Great lyrics to go with great songs
THE STRYPES - Young Gifted & Blue


You look at the cover of this EP and think that The Strypes have used some Smiths-style old pic to decorate their release. The truth is .... they are the band!  Their average age is 15. They sound like their average age should be 65.  They don't sound like the bastard children of the Yardbirds or Decca-era Stones ... They sound like the reincarnation of those bands (and anyone who heard anything of the Stones live at the O2 know that reincarnation would be a godsend for those old men)
Fast, fun and the best blues harp playing since I don't know when ...

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