Tuesday, 4 December 2012

2012's Finest Albums - Part 3

Featuring my favourite albums of the year from what has been a very good year musically

10 - BRASSTRONAUT - Mean Sun

It may come as no surprise, bearing in mind the band's name, that the horn section plays a very important part in the sound of the album.  A band's second album is often a difficult one, but not for these guys ... a much more rounded, more accomplished, and deeper album than their debut (the really rather good "Mt Chimera"). A sound that is not going to set the charts alight, but will give all you musos out there a very warm glow of pleasure

9 - RICHARD HAWLEY - Standing At The Sky's Edge

An album on which Mr Hawley, previously known for his worthy but slightly dull albums, remembers a) he's a bloody great guitarist and b) he can make a wondrous noise with it!  This album soars! This album brings to mind the last few minutes of the Stone Roses debut, Zeppelin in their pomp.  Loud, bold, and utterly brilliant
8 - HOT CHIP - In Our Heads
An eagerly anticipated album by me, because Hot Chip are one of those rare bands who have actually made more than three decent albums and who get better with each one. I am delighted to say this did not disappoint - easily their best yet. A synth-based band with great intelligence and a knack for creating a tune that will please both rock and dance fans
7 - MICATONE - Wish I Was Here

A German band whom I discovered this year and hastily bought their three previous albums after hearing this one. Jazz, soul, funk, dance and blues are mixed into the pot to produce an album of blissful sounds, great songs, and probably the best female vocals of the year. Had this been marketed more effectively, I would not have been surprised to see this as one of the years best sellers. Alas, It remains a secret for thee and me

Still not sure whether this is the best or worst album cover of the year, but ... hey ... never mind ... its what it sounds like that matters. And it sounds great. This is their fifth, and best, album and it finally brings together their ability to write great songs with the production values those songs have desperately needed. If 60s psychedelia is your thing, and you like your music both sinister and catchy, then grab this album





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