Wednesday, 12 December 2012

2012 - The Best of "The Best Of"

Four "Best of" albums stood out for me this year - all actually, for once, fulfilling their brief as actually being the best of each particular band. 

Teenage Kicks - The Very Best of THE UNDERTONES
A great shame about the incredibly naff cover, but never mind ... there is gold in them there hills!  One of the great pop groups of the 70s ... no, one of the greatest pop groups ever ... this is by no means the first compilation from them but it is definitely the best.
DURAN DURAN - The Biggest and The Best

Going one better than The Undertones by having a naff title to go with the dreadful cover belies the fact that this really is a pretty definitive collection of their best known work. What is a dreaful shame is that tracks from the last two albums are not included, because Duran Duran have actually got better with age and their 2010 release, All You Need Is Now, is probably their best album.
Still, enough moaning ... this is a great album to be getting on with
Ultimate CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL: Greatest Hits and All-Time Classics
The cover on this isn't quite so bad, but what a ridiculous mouthful of a title. An indication of my love of this band can be obtained when I admit that not only do I own all the studio albums but this is the fourth .... count' em ... Creedence compilation I own. Oh ....forgot to mention I also have the box set of every track they ever recorded

It may seem difficult to believe now, but this lot were actually bigger than The Beatles in the States for a few years ...
THE FACES - Stay With Me: The Anthology
This ticks all the boxes ... great cover, good title, and the best collection of songs from Britain's greatest ever rock band. I never got to see them live, which was apparently their forte, but their recorded work stands the test of time. Rod has never sung better; Ronnie has never played better, and you will never feel more alive than when listening to this



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