Sunday, 2 December 2012

The best of 2012? - Part 2

Continuing my run down of the best albums I've heard this year

15 - KOSHEEN - Independence
A band that has released albums sporadically throughout its 13 year career (I think this is only their fourth). The last two albums have been something of a disappointment but they have redeemed themselves with this release. The trip-hoppy drum n bass from previous releases is still there in the background but now heavily disguised with pulsing beats that many would describe as hard house. An album to kick-start the day

14 - GOTYE - Making Mirrors

I may have been the only person in the world who had not heard "Somebody That I Used To Know" prior to hearing this album for the first time. In fact, a huge debt of gratitude is owed to my friend, Anis, (follow him on Twitter at @oldlawyer1) for bringing this classic to my attention. I am still surprised that I like it so much, because there are times when I think this album could have been made in the 80s by Phil Collins. however, it all works, the songs are great, and the musicianship exceptional ... especiallyon this track "Smoke and Mirrors"
13 - LADYHAWKE - Anxiety
Last year, I surprised myself by how many dubstep albums appeared on my list of favourite albums. This year, the big surprise has been pure pop music . Her first album, released 4 years ago, had a sort of 80s rock feel to it, but that sound has been jettisoned and replaced by sounds not dissimilar to Garbage and Elastica.  Seriously, not a duff track on this album
12 - JACK WHITE - Blunderbuss

Is there anything I need to say about the ubiquitous Mr White?  The White Stripes may be no more, but the sound continues on his debut solo release. Blues, Rock, Country ... all the old influences are still there but mixed in a way we have come to expect. For me, the most important artist of the last 20 years

11 - LANA DEL RAY - Born To Die

There have been times when there has been no escaping the songs of Lizzie Grant, nor escaping from stories of her in the tabloid press.  You could actually get fed up with her, if it wasn't for the fact that she has produced an astonishingly great album ... an album I have not tired of listening to all year. The lyrics, the vocals, the music .... all work together in a way few artists achieve

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